Everything in life has to be prepared, practiced and tested before you can appreciate it. Before you are able to perform, you must rehearse. Before you can take a test,you must study. Before you can have whatever it is you are waiting on, there is something you must do to have it, it’s not going to magically appear.
Life from the moment of conception is literally composed of processes and phases. It took a process to be conceived, a process that included 3 trimesters of growth and development, and a process to be born. Until the end of life on this earth, you are constantly entering different physical and emotional stages of life.
In addition, perfection is birthed from practice, as well as a willingness to commit your time, effort and money towards success. It takes a great force of drive to keep your eyes on the prize. You will get hurt. However, it’s the drive and experience that allows the wounded to heal and possess the attitude that pain is worth the victory.
Before a test, several lessons must be learned. A test only proves you are capable of performing that which you want, and progressing to the next level. Sometimes it appears to be irrelevant but after you’ve achieved so much you will be grateful for the hardships and tests.
There’s time when your situation is stagnant, it feels like your options have run out, but during this time doors will either open or close. Sometimes new people will enter your life and sometimes old people will leave you alone to fend for yourself. At this stage, you will realize their true character and you will disconnect from them. This stage is dreadful, painful and lonely, but I can assure you, once you get through it, you will have a new outlook on life.
Of course we all want to avoid unnecessary complications in our life, but sometimes it’s just life’s way of pushing you into a new direction or building a character within you that you will need when you reach where you are going.
For everything you go through be thankful, you may not like it but be thankful anyway. You are being built for greatness, but the journey might not always be a comfortable ride.


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